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Sunday, 25 May 2008


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Just had to say that I adore you site! I wasn't into fashion in the least and will likely never dare to wonder beyond my jeans and t-shirt comfort zone but I admire your flare and committment to it. After looking here and at some of the links I'm really seeing how fashion can be art and can be interesting rather than something foo-foo and unnecessary. You have talent. Follow your bliss and stay on track. Its inspiring to see such a young person so dedicated and with such obvious love and talent for what she is doing.
Just had to say/ask a couple more things:
* I had a roommate that looked Exactly like you (red hair, body build, etc.) and was also a fashion designer! How weird!! Its like you were twins separated at birth. you sure you don't have an older sister? lol
* I love the french phrases popping in and out of your posts. Tres chic! As someone who has studied French myself but has lost a considerable amount of it due to lack of use, how do you keep your French? Any hints? Must I get French friends? lol
* Congrats on being a vegan. That takes such a committment. Sorry if you already answered this somewhere, but what 'made' you vegan? (born into it, animal committment, etc?) and how do you deal with non-vegans who live with you (if you don't live alone), separate meals and all? Your flickr page has such wonderful food pics!

I look forward to following your posts and your pics on Flickr. Thanks for making the internet more beautiful!
Take care,


I cannot thank you enough for your kindhearted words! A million very sincere "merci beaucoups" - this truly made my month!

I wish I had an older sister; how phenom would that be? Fun fun fun indeed! I'd love to hear all about my long-lost doppelgänger, though :)

I must admit my French is quite heinous as of late! I have not uttered a word of français in about two years! Eeek!! In the meantime I specialize in what I like to call "franglais" hehe (essentially anglais -- or English -- with a dash of français). Hopefully I'll recollect enough to get by during Couture Week later this month. Malheureusement my prospects aren't very bright :(

It's my pleasure to answer any and all questions concerning veganity, not to worry! I was not born into veganism -- anything but, in fact. I wish I had more wisdom to share... I live with carnivores and simply try to "live my truth" (as Colleen Patrick-Goudreau of 'Compassionate Cooks' would say). I do prepare separate meals, but lately (what feels like epochs after adopting a vegan lifestyle) my omnivore kin have been partaking in my cruelty-free feasts! I couldn't be happier :)

As for what 'made' me vegan... it was more or less a culmination of learning the truths of factory farming, reading various riviting books on the subject, watching Joaquin Phoenix's "Earthlings", and a myriad of other ethical and physical wellness rationales. Prior to becoming a vegan I followed a macrobiotic diet (for about 4 months or so) as a means to alleviate some chronic health issues. So shifting to a fully-vegan diet was essentially a cinch! It's quite literally the easiest commitment I can call to mind; once I became aware of the suffering of sentient beings and the conditions they face ... I never crave non-veg cuisine.

No need to stray from your 'comfort zone', it's your signature afterall! A t-shirt and jeans can in actuality be one of the chicest ensembles of all time: Karl Lagerfeld has even said so himself! The Swedes never cease to inspire me with their über charming T/jean amalgamations. Have you scoped out Acne Jeans http://www.acnejeans.com/ or The Facehunter's snapshots http://facehunter.blogspot.com/
Smashing inspiration for sure!

bunny BISOUS E.!

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