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Tuesday, 15 July 2008


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wow, what an opportunity of a lifetime... to ask Anna a question. I might ask her what is it about the Prada resort collection that she loves so much - she wears it all the time!

I LOVE your blog! I just found it. I tagged you in a flickr tag,its lots of fun!


crazy! Haha, this e-mail makes her sound even MORE intimidating! "If the door is closed when you arrive, do not enter because you will have to walk in front of Anna while she is presenting." LOL! that thought just gives me shivers... I think I'd spend so long thinking of the best way to word my questions, so afraid of looking stupid! :(

wei chun

this circular sounds like it came straight out of 'the devil wears prada'.


I just found your blog - very funny!
BTW, not very thoughtful: the Condé Nast person who wrote the memo might have done well to proofread his/her letter before sending - Privilege does not have a 'd' in it. Anna would disapprove, non?


i think its ridiculous treating her as some kind of god
'incase she starts early'
'or youll have to walk past her'
so what, people who arnt into fashion wont even know who she is.

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